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3 comments on “Contact Us
  1. paul kennedy says:

    Is it time for a new social Liberal party, commited to the ideals of this forum?

  2. Galen Milne says:

    This type of remark makes me even more concerned the social liberal democrats are showing increasing signs of behaving like a “party within a party”.
    It a misguided strategy that split the old Liberal Party and then the Labour party in turn.

  3. paul kennedy says:

    I don’t think splitting the party would be a bad thing. How Nick Clegg can seriously class himself as Liberal is beyond me and given the party’s record while in this despicable coalition, I feel many supporters and potential voters will never vote Liberal while Clegg is the two faces of modern liberalism. This is not a party of social justice. So either, get rid of the Conservative light members or make a clean break with a social liberal party. I find it cringe inducing as a social liberal to have my views lumped in with some of those in government.

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