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Guardian, 25/09/12: Stage management allowed Lib Dems to skirt real debate about economy

[Prateek] Buch says: “I was very disappointed with the way the conference committee chose to handle the issue, and as a result the debate the conference was allowed to have. We want to put down some clear markers, not have

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Re-Framing Education Policy – eveloping a coherent, progressive and sustainable education policy

The Social Liberal Forum has recently undertaken an exercise to begin to develop policy in key areas in an attempt to express progress in Lib Dem thinking.  I undertook to write a policy discussion document that could ignite debate around

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Guest blog: Liberal Democrats face the biggest decision of their time in Coalition – Ed Randall

This article relates to an amendment to Motion F23 at Liberal Democrat Conference September 2012, the text of which is available on page 18 here. In just a few days’ time Liberal Democrats will be invited to decide whether to endorse

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Guardian, 08/09/12: Lib Dem activists to target George Osborne at autumn conference

In a sign that some activists want to see a shift in economic policy, one amendment calls on the party to “prioritise measures to boost demand through public and private investment, using all tools available to government, including the flexibility

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Social Liberal Forum announce newly-elected Council

Following internal elections over the summer, the Social Liberal Forum are pleased to announce a new Council which will govern the work of the organisation over the next couple of years. The following people will serve as members of the

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Spectator Coffee House blog, 07/09/12: Lib Dems prepare for fight on welfare and taxes

The left-leaning wing of the party – the Social Liberal Forum – has released a series of potential amendments and emergency motions for the party’s autumn conference. The list is an interesting indication of what the grassroots (the SLF likes

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Huffington Post, 06/09/12: Schroedinger’s Tory – David Davis is both dead right and dangerously wrong

I have argued that such a political economy – based around the central idea that truly sustainable prosperity is co-produced by an empowering, enterprising state and a private sector more in tune with the needs of its host society –

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Amendments to motions at Lib Dem Conference September 2012

Below are some amendments to Conference motions (and one emergency motion) that SLF members may wish to support. Please fill in the relevant form if you wish to support them. Please note: the Social Liberal Forum is not responsible for the content

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Inaugural Annual Conference Dinner!

  Join us for our inaugural annual conference dinner on Tuesday 25th September at the Holiday Inn Brighton-Seafront, 8pm for 8:30pm start; where we are very pleased to welcome Minister of State for Pensions, Steve Webb MP and Member of

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