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What sort of liberal is Nick Clegg?

Mark Pack writes: The new (and in fact only) biography of Nick Clegg is very much a book of two halves. The first – a fascinating tale of Nick’s multinational family; the second – a fairly standard recount of some

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A Policy Motion on Policy Motions

‘The Lib Dem Conference is a recognisably democratic event in a sense that the other conferences can no longer claim to be. Policies are proposed, amended, debated and voted on in an impeccable manner’. (Martin Kettle, ‘The Guardian’, 18/09/09) Conference

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Majority of conference calls for detailed debate on the Health Bill

An attempt to suspend standing orders and allow an emergency motion on the Health and Social Care Bill was approved by a majority of conference representatives but failed to get the two-thirds majority needed (235 voted to suspend standing orders

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LibDem NHS Activists heartened by extent of health rebellion

Lib Dem NHS activists take heart from extent of Parliamentary rebellion as new analysis shows “two-thirds of MPs” withhold support from Government on health bill. Liberal Democrat activists and Parliamentarians seeking to amend the Health Bill today released an analysis of the

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North West SLF launched

Following a brief recent history of the national Social Liberal Forum from Kat Dadswell, John Commons, the Chair of the Manchester party, spoke on why he felt that Social Liberalism and by extension the Social Liberal Forum were particularly needed

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SLF fringe meetings

Policy Forum: Open Public Services: Another fine mess they’ll get us into? Saturday 20.15-22.15 ICC Hall 5 What should we support and what should we oppose in the Open Public Services White Paper? Chris Nicholson, CentreForum, Linda Jack, Social Liberal Forum

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Sign here for appeal and emergency motion on health reforms

Please complete this form if you want to sign the appeal to allow conference to debate NHS reforms (see this page for more information) and/or the emergency motion on health reforms (see this page for more information) Loading…

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An appeal to allow Conference to debate NHS reforms

Below is the text of a motion on the NHS reforms that wasn’t accepted for debate by Conference Committee, including two short update paragraphs. Dr. Charles West is appealing this rejection, if you’d like to support this appeal please click

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Emergency Motion on Health Reforms

Dr. Charles West is submitting an Emergency Motion on the NHS reforms. If you would like to support this motion please click here to sign up. Reforming the NHS Conference notes that the March 2011 Conference clearly rejected several aspects

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Green Investment Bank amendment

Please support this amendment to F38: A Green Stimulus for Economic Recovery, which you will find on pages 43-44 of the Conference Agenda. If you are a conference representative, then please add your ‘signature’ by filling in the form below.

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