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An open letter to Nick Clegg regarding inequality, social mobility and fairness

Dear Nick, In delivering the Hugo Young memorial lecture, you raised the challenges that progressives face in times of fiscal constraint. We share your view that these are timely and important issues to discuss. We also found much in your

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David Hall-Matthews writes in ‘Renewal‘ – Coalition politics, a view from the Liberal Democrats

The Autumn 2010 edition of Renewal – a journal of social democracy – sees the Chair of the Social Liberal Forum David Hall-Matthews writing about the formation of the Coalition government from a Lib Dem perspective. The Liberal Democrats have

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Tim Farron responds to SLF questions on the Party Presidency

Both candidates for the Presidency of the Liberal Democrats have been hard at work in recent weeks, touring media outlets, local parties and online blogs (such as Liberal Democrat Voice, Liberal Vision as well as some excellent individual bloggers) putting

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Reforms to housing benefit and social housing

The Social Liberal Forum welcomes the Coalition Government’s commitment to building 150,000 affordable homes over the course of this parliament, which goes some way to benefiting some of the 4 million people on social housing waiting lists. However the SLF

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Reforms to the postal service

The Social Liberal Forum supports the Coalition Government’s commitment to maintain and develop the network of post offices. In particular, it warmly welcomes the announcement from the Business Secretary, Vince Cable, that he will be doubling the subsidy to the

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