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The coalition of ideas is needed more than ever

Back in September I co-authored an article in the Guardian with Neal Lawson, Chair of Compass, about the need for a “coalition of progressive ideas” between Liberal Democat and Labour members.  In truth, Neal did most of the heavy lifting

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Speech to Special Conference debate

On Friday 7 May, without pausing for sleep, the Social Liberal Forum started lobbying for a Progressive Alliance – or, failing that, for a Grand Alliance of all parties. It was soon clear that that was what the vast majority

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Speech to Liberal Democrat conference on inequality

James Graham moved Amendment 3 at the Liberal Democrat Special Conference which reads: Insert after line 23: “Conference calls for Liberal Democrats to work constructively in government to ensure that the the net income and wealth inequality gap is reduced

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Statement on the Liberal Democrat-Conservative agreement

The Social Liberal Forum made clear earlier this week that we favoured a progressive alliance between the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties as the basis for a government. We very much regret that due to the intransigence of some individuals

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SLF statement on the opening of formal talks with Labour

Events are moving quickly. Gordon Brown’s resignation and the opening of formal talks with the Labour Party have reignited the possibility of a progressive alliance. The fact that talks with the Conservatives have failed to come up with agreement at

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Social Liberal Forum calls for a Government of National Unity

Statement from the Social Liberal Forum Executive: These are exceptional times. The nation faces two great crises: a financial crisis and a political crisis. The next government needs to be strong enough and honest enough to deal with the economic

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